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Start today

Fill in a quick survey, create "Tasku" app account and reserve your first task today.

Enjoy full flexibility

Find your perfect work-life balance with "Tasku".

Complete tasks at stores that fit your schedule and preferences, whether you want to work in the morning, after work, or even while you shop.


Your own pace, your own schedule.

Boost your income

Discover a new way to earn money by completing quick and easy tasks at local stores.

Tasks range from 3 minutes to a few hours, from 50 cents to tens of euros.

Each store offers multiple tasks at a time, so you can work at your own pace and earn as much as you want at your selected locations.

Weekly payouts

Say goodbye to waiting for monthly paydays!

With us, you'll receive your payment every week on Thursday with our convenient weekly payouts.

Woman using Tasku app

Pick a task, complete it & get paid

Get started by filling the survey on this website. Then, get the instructions via email and complete a short learning module. You'll have an active account in no time.

Select the tasks that fit your schedule and preferences. Complete them and receive weekly payments.

Earn extra income and achieve your perfect work-life balance with "Tasku".


Woman using Tasku app to find tasks

Join other 1000+ taskers today


Fill in a survey

Complete a short survey by filling the necessary information, and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Say hello

After completing the survey, you'll get detailed instructions with the following steps.


First, you’ll need to fill in the information in "Tasku" app.


Depending on your country you’ll need to get your Individual activity certificate or register via our partners.


Take a short training

Go through the short training material on how to complete tasks in stores, pass simple test and get your account activated.


Reserve tasks you like

Once your account is activated on the "Tasku" app, you can start reserving your preferred tasks.


Complete the tasks and get paid

After selecting and reserving tasks, head to the store to complete them. Your income will be paid out weekly.


Becoming a tasker is easy



Vilnius, Lithuania

Great opportunity to earn extra income in your free time.


I combine it with shopping or taking a walk, it's very convenient.

Tasker's review photo


Warsaw, Poland

I have been using "Tasku" for a month now to earn a decent income, dedicating just an average of 1.5 hours of work per day.


Thanks to "Tasku", I'm able to manage my free time effectively, benefiting both myself and the app’s clients. I am able to adjust my work schedule with flexibility, taking advantage of the possibility of reserving tasks earlier.

Tasker's review photo


Marijampolė, Lithuania

This is a great way to earn extra income when you have some free time from your main activity and an individual activity certificate.

Tasker's app review


Kaunas, Lithuania

I am glad to have discovered "Tasku"!


Now I can not only earn money at a convenient time for myself, but also get a better understanding of how supermarkets operate, and contribute to the popularity of small Lithuanian brands.

Tasker's review photo


Panevėžys, Lithuania

A good way to earn extra income.

Tasker's review photo


Panevėžys, Lithuania

You set your own schedule, location and hours.


A great way to earn extra money.


You also feel the competition – who will be the first one to reserve a task?

Tasker's review photo

Join taskers' community today

Spend a couple of minutes to fill in the survey. We’ll contact you right away.

Discover tasks in local stores and get paid for completing them. Enjoy the freedom to choose when and how often you work.



Near you.

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