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Reserve tasks you like

Once you've activated your account, you can easily start browsing available tasks on our "Task Offerings" page.


Filter tasks by location, time duration, task types, and pay rate to find the perfect match for you. When you've found a task you like, simply click "Reserve" to claim it. It's that easy!

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Earn extra income in your free time

Welcome to "Tasku", the app that allows you to find quick and easy tasks in local stores.


With "Tasku", you can select when and where you work. Get paid each week, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a flexible and rewarding extra income opportunity.

Check instructions

We understand that it can be overwhelming to remember everything from the training material.


Don’t worry! Each task comes with detailed instructions on how to complete it, so you won't have to worry about forgetting the steps. Just check it before going to the store.

As you complete more tasks, you'll become familiar with the process and won't need the instructions anymore.

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Complete the task

After reserving a task, you'll be provided with a time interval during which you can complete it.

Once you are in the store, click "Start" button to begin the task and follow the details provided for you.

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Get paid

Tasku offers a great opportunity to earn income by completing tasks in local stores. The more tasks you complete, the higher income you will receive each week.


You are in control of your weekly payout, as it solely depends on the time and effort you put into completing the tasks.

Every Thursday, we transfer your earnings straight to your bank account.

Screenshot of Tasku app

Fill in a survey

Complete a short survey by filling the necessary information, and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Say hello

After completing the survey, you'll get detailed instructions with the following steps.


First, you’ll need to fill in the information in "Tasku" app.


Depending on your country you’ll need to get your Individual activity certificate or register via our partners.


Take a short training

Go through the short training material on how to complete tasks in stores, pass simple test and get your account activated.


Reserve tasks you like

Once your account is activated on the "Tasku" app, you can start reserving your preferred tasks.


Complete the tasks and get paid

After selecting and reserving tasks, head to the store to complete them. Your income will be paid out weekly.


Becoming a tasker is easy


Join taskers' community today

Spend a couple of minutes to fill in the survey. We’ll contact you right away.

Learn more about being a tasker


  • "Tasku" is a task-based platform that enables you to earn extra income during your free time by completing tasks in local stores.


    The platform idea was born in Sweden and is created and managed by Traxlo, UAB team in Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • A tasker is anyone who has joined the "Tasku" app and performs tasks to earn extra income in their free time.

  • After signing up, taskers have access to the platform, where they can see a list of available tasks.


    Based on suitable task time and location, the tasker reserves a task and completes it according to the instructions provided in the task description.


    After completing the task, the tasker will receive payment for their completed tasks on a weekly basis.

  • Currently, the platform offers tasks related to support work for food shopping centers and consumer brands.


    For example, a task can be checking product expiration dates, updating prices, shelf maintenance and photographing, maintaining order, and other simple clearly defined tasks.

  • "Tasku" platform operates in almost every store in your town. We assure you that you will be able to complete tasks in the stores near you.

  • Absolutely not.


    Each tasker decides how many tasks they want to complete per week or per month. Taskers manage their own time and income!

  • Earnings on the platform depend on personal skills and speed in completing certain tasks.


    An average tasker can earn from €5 to €12 per hour. Payment for completed tasks is made once a week.

  • Anyone who is over 18 years old. Depending on the country the person has to have an Individual activity certificate, register via hiring partners or has established their own company. Also, good command of the local language is necessary for some of the tasks.

  • If you are from Lithuania, you will need to get an individual activity certificate. You can find all the instructions on how to get an Individual Activity Certificate here: Instructions (VMI). The code for Individual activity certificate is 829900.


    Or if you are from Poland, you will need to register to Ravapi system. To register to, click on the following link:

  • Based on our current taskers' experience, the best way to earn more income is to complete tasks in multiple stores.


    The more tasks you complete, and the more stores you visit, the higher your earnings will be.

  • You can reach out to "Tasku" via email or by filling in a contact form.

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